The prevention of school violence
and exclusion through
the Emotional Education
The prevention of school violence
and exclusion through
the Emotional Education

Our methodology

The activities developed are based on a type of participatory pedagogy, that promotes the participation of the young person, always respecting the degree of implication that which one can freely establish and conceiving each individual as a global being, understanding the totality of their being and allowing their development in all aspects, but in an individualized way, also to attend to their singularities.

Through approaches based on non-formal learning, experimental and methods from Gestalt therapy for children, we believe in a climate of motivation and confidence in and with the group, influencing the interaction of the members and in promoting sound and effective communication processes.

Likewise, sufficient means are provided to allow the initiative of young people, being able to propose activities to be carried out and in part marking the rhythm and future of the programming and its activities. Through this instruments and with the use of active methods such as theater improvisation, methods of art therapy, use specialized music and mindfulness meditation and other techniques and group dynamics, a real, spontaneous and free participation in a framework where communication, interaction and openness prevails.

As a team, we break the old schemes that delimit the role of the educator and the student, endowing of protagonism to all the components of the sessions, from a humanist perspective, trust in the innate ability of young people to commit themselves to their own personal and professional development.

Learning objectives:


Encourage the development of the self-concept and self-esteem of the child so that he is more aware of his needs and can generate the personal tools to attend to them in a healthy and positive way.


To generate in the least responsible and respectful towards other people and towards themselves


Carry out a process of accompaniment and emotional support in the form of socio-therapeutic interventions that generate in young people and their family’s sufficient motivation for a healthy development at the psycho-emotional level of the child.


To motivate and encourage children to reflect on their inner and outer reality and from there, to be able to express and communicate their personal universe in a creative and stimulating way.


Support family’s and teachers through specialized advice on the development of their children.

Project products and activities:

· Preparation of a training curricula for secondary school teachers to equip them with the skills to prevent violent behavior and juvenile delinquency in the classroom.

· Conduct a training course at European level for secondary school teachers from the partner countries of the project on violence prevention and juvenile delinquency.

· Preparation of manual of activities for secondary school teachers on prevention of violent behavior and juvenile violence.
· Workshops on prevention of youth violence in secondary schools in partner countries.

· Specific interventions with families of young people participating in the project.

Project duration:

30 months